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Virtual Family Office

The Types of Family Offices 

 For decades, there were two types of family offices: single family and multifamily. Today, there is a third type-the virtual family office. This is a hybrid that combines the personalized attention of single-family offices with the multiple clients of a multifamily office. 

 High-performing virtual family offices are not automatically the best answer for every driven entrepreneur. All you might need is a consummate wealth manager or a top-notch financial advisor or even an excellent investment advisor. 

 Who can benefit from a Virtual Family Office?  

  • Those who have a net worth of $10 million or more  
  • Or, if you have a complex financial situation and can benefit from the strategies being used by the most successful business owners and individuals today. 

A high-performing virtual family office makes a lot of sense if your life is full of complexity. A high-performing virtual family office is able to integrate wealth management with family support services at a level of sophistication that is usually otherwise unavailable. 

Call one of our Wealth Managers at Daniel Krug & Associates to see if a Virtual Family Office is right for you and your family.